Organization Tips for Spring and Summer

Organization Tips for Spring and Summer

by Treasure Hill Homes

It’s always a good time to organize your home, especially during these spring and summer months when the weather is getting better. It can be hard, however, to get everything done without feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t feel too stressed though. There is always a way to get organized and we have you covered. Whether you live in a townhome, a semi or single, here are a few tips to get you on the right track during this season:

  1. In with the New, Out with the Old: If you add new to your wardrobe or accessories, make sure you toss out some of your older items. Things that tend to pile up are costume jewelry, make-up and accessories. You don’t want a drawer that is overflowing with pieces you haven’t used in over two years. Donate it or trash it.
  2. Make a Schedule for Chores: Nothing is worse than spending one day to do everything like our parents used to. Divide and conquer! Monday is laundry, Tuesday ironing, Thursdays are for bathrooms, Sunday is garbage day and so on. You’ll have more time on the weekend if you follow these simple adjustments!
  3. Declutter your Life: Limit family activities and allow time to relax. Many parents feel pressured to put their kids in many activities to keep them busy and out of trouble. Depending on how many kids are in the family, limit activities to just two or three if you have two or three children. You will get more rest and your pocket book will love it.

These tips are perfect no matter what type of home you live in or what type of lifestyle you lead. This is the time of year to ensure every part of your home is as organized as you’d like it to be. Make sure your home is a treasure!

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