To-Dos: Your Home Maintenance Checklist

To-Dos: Your Home Maintenance Checklist

by Treasure Hill Homes

As we start to settle into the spring season, now is the perfect time to tackle your home maintenance checklist. While we are all spending more time in our homes, working around the home will keep you busy and ensure your place is in tip-top shape. From getting your garden planted to organizing different parts of your home, May will be pivotal for your maintenance needs.

Here are just some of the tasks you should begin tackling:

  1. De-clutter your home Organizing your home starts with letting go of the things you do not need. This does not just mean cleaning out your closet - it means going through all your cabinets and drawers, removing any items you no longer use including kitchenware, old papers like mail, and bathroom supplies. Set aside a bag with the items that are still in good shape that can be donated at a later date.
  2. Finish off your spring cleaning Doing a deep cleaning of your entire home can seem overwhelming for many, so it is best to take it one room at a time. If you cannot get everything done, then make sure to at least focus on deep cleaning your carpets and scrubbing your tiles, especially in the bathroom.
  3. Prepare your garden This is the time to make sure you have a plan in place for your garden, especially if you plan on growing a vegetable bed. Work out which plants you will grow where, and potentially start to place a few seedlings inside depending on the weather. Once you’re sure there’s no risk of a freeze, you can start to plant your flowers and vegetables.
  4. Change your HVAC filter This is a task that you should do regularly, but it is definitely important to change before using your air conditioner for the first time. If not, you will leave in a dirty filter which can cause increased energy bills and make it difficult for those with allergies after dust collection.
  5. Set up your patio With warm weather right around the corner, you can now start bringing out your furniture for the front patio and backyard. Once the temperature is just right, your outdoor spaces will be the perfect place to lounge and read a new book or spend time with family.

In addition to all the above, you can also do other things around the house like clear the gutters and storm drains, clean out the air ducts, oil your garage door rails and chains, and so much more. Think about the unique needs you have within your home and start tackling them day by day.

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